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Posts tagged ‘transsexual’

The T Word

February 29th, 2012

Jay Frosting

Ashley teaches Jay about the nuances and changing meanings of some of the more hurtful slurs directed toward trans folks, with help from GLAAD’s transgender glossary of terms.

Jay asks Ashley to elaborate on what she means when she says she’s “always been a woman” and if that means she regrets not having come out at an earlier point in her life.

Together, they discuss whether it would be feasible to raise a baby as gender neutral until they were old enough to express their gender identity.

They also discuss the nail-protecting power of gloves and Ashley sings a jingle about them. (Caveat: The “gloves song”—all three seconds of it—is only available in the video version of this episode.)

Transition Day Makeup at 8x

November 16th, 2011

Jay Frosting

Ashley on the morning of her full-time statusAshley attached her Flip camera-sized camcorder to her shower door (with a Gorillapod flexible tripod) and recorded her makeup routine the morning of her transition at work through the reflection in an adjacent mirror. Then, among the editing process, she adjusted the video to play back at 8x speed so that the sequence could fit within about 5 minutes. She also added educational notes about which product is being applied at each stage as well as a running timer at the bottom of the screen (a timecode).

It so happens the batteries in Ashley’s camera ran out just before she did her lips and hair that morning, so while those bits didn’t make it into the video, you can imagine if you’d like tacking on a handful more minutes toward the end to take care of those.

Coming Out to My Boss

October 18th, 2011

Jay Frosting

Ashley explains how she prepared to come out to her boss, with some help from the Human Rights Campaign, and her conversation with the boss to start the process around her transition at work.

Ashley also ponders an upcoming visit from her parents and mulls over ideas on how she might ask them to call her Ashley.

Finally, Jay and Ashley talk about makeup removal and cleaning makeup brushes.


October 5th, 2011

Jay Frosting

Ashley talks with Jay about how she keeps her boobs under wraps at work and why she hasn’t come out to her boss just yet.

Ashley also educates Jay about some potential surgical options including facial feminization surgery (FFS) and sexual reassignment surgery (SRS). And she offers some tips on spacing one’s polish coats to prevent chipping.