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The T Word

February 29th, 2012

Jay Frosting

Ashley teaches Jay about the nuances and changing meanings of some of the more hurtful slurs directed toward trans folks, with help from GLAAD’s transgender glossary of terms.

Jay asks Ashley to elaborate on what she means when she says she’s “always been a woman” and if that means she regrets not having come out at an earlier point in her life.

Together, they discuss whether it would be feasible to raise a baby as gender neutral until they were old enough to express their gender identity.

They also discuss the nail-protecting power of gloves and Ashley sings a jingle about them. (Caveat: The “gloves song”—all three seconds of it—is only available in the video version of this episode.)


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  1. Anna #
    February 29, 2012

    You requested feedback on name changes. I can’t speak to Tx law but I went through mine in Alaska. If you want it in July you will have to start your research on Tx requirements now. In Alaska the process is this:
    1. File the application with the court.
    2. Wait a week or so for them to send you a blurb you have to publish in legals section of newspaper announcing the court hearing date etc.
    3. Publish this blurb once a week for four weeks.
    4. Provide court proof of publication before hearing date.
    5. Go to court and judge says ok
    6. Then wait another week or so for them to send you another blurb you have to publish in paper announcing the findings of the court.
    7. Take proof of this publication back to the court.
    8. After they process that, then name change takes effect 30 days after they have processed your paperwork.

    It isn’t difficult in the sense of doing anything hard but it is time consuming and if you don’t meet, even by 1 day, the time line they set out you have to start all over again. Took me about three months from the time I first filed and that was in small town Alaska where the courts aren’t tied up months in advance.

    Again, not sure how it is in Tx, but as you can see, if you are looking at July you should really get going on finding out what your laws are.


    • February 29, 2012

      Thanks so much for all that great info—that really helps! Out of curiosity, do you recall the timeline for getting one’s driver’s license changed after the name change itself goes through?

  2. Anna #
    February 29, 2012

    I got it the same day….Once I received the official court document changing the name, I went to the dmv and they changed it on the spot. Social Security took about a month. Total time line from application with court to drivers license was 3 month 4 days. Social Security card was 4 months 17 days. It is so worth it to do it that way when I use a credit card when traveling if they ask for ID no questions are asked and they simply say thank you maam.

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