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On the relative attractiveness (or not) of Bill Murray

February 3rd, 2013


A couple of friends and I watched Groundhog Day last night, and we couldn’t resist sharing our pithy comments now and again. My pal Steve couldn’t get past how frumpy most of the cast looked and at one point he remarked:

STEVE: “Bill Murray was kind of a schlub in 1993.”

ME: “Eh, I’d have gone out with him”

STEVE: “Really?!”

At which point my friend Andrea chimed in with:

ANDREA: “Being funny helps.”

ME: “Yeah, it really does.”

Growing up, I had often heard my female friends remark that a guy’s personality can affect how attractive he is. And I couldn’t really relate to it at the time, but I totally get it now.

(I predominantly identify as a lesbian—hence @FourthAndFirst, which is named after the fourth and first letters in “LGBT”—but I sometimes find guys attractive too. It’s probably about a 70/30 thing for me.)