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Mom and Dad: Still Doofuses (s2e11)

February 13th, 2015

Jay Frosting

Ashley chats with Jay about visiting her parents in December. They didn’t use her birthname during the trip, but they didn’t call her Ashley that often, either. Worse, it seems as if her parents are putting on an act while she’s around — because after they think she’s out of hearing range, they go right back to using the wrong pronouns. So Ashley isn’t sure whether it might be worth writing them another letter or perhaps trying another tack.

Jay and Ashley discuss voice coaching and future surgeries, what bra size Ashley would ideally like, and whether a corset might fun to wear sometimes.

Jay learns about Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, a polish line that’s supposed to offer gel-like resilience but without the need to use a UV light (like a traditional gel polish would). And from there, Ashley tells Jay about the Nails Inc corrector pen that she recently picked up — the pen is filled with nail-polish remover so that it sort of acts like Wite-Out but for nail-polish typos. What a score.

(Ashley’s polish in this episode is Barbados Blue from Essie. We aren’t being paid to say this — just thought maybe you’d like to know.)