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So Many Trips! (s02e10)

December 31st, 2014

Jay Frosting

Ashley and Jay talk about Ashley’s travels over the last few months, including the family reunion she attended in July, her brother’s wedding in August, and her dad’s 70th birthday in October.

Her extended family at the reunion were super accepting, always using Ashley’s correct name and pronouns. Her parents, unfortunately, still haven’t made the switch 100%.

At her brother’s wedding, Ashley felt totally included among the other women, especially when they all went to get their hair done. Her Mom and Dad were generally charming and nice, but there were a couple times when they went back to using her old pronouns, and didn’t seem to notice. Maybe the liquor had something to do with that?

Ashley went to visit her folks for Thanksgiving, and they invited a friendly crowd of uncles, aunts, and cousins, who provided a healthy buffer around her. But once again, her parents’ tally of proper name and pronouns fell short.

Jay learns about Too Faced Lip Insurance, a lipstick primer from the same company that makes the excellent Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Ashley’s go-to eyeshadow primer). And Ashley shares her discovery about how applying thinner coats of nail polish can help make your nail polish more durable.

(Ashley’s polish in this episode is Style Maker from Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel line. We aren’t being paid to say this — just thought maybe you’d like to know.)